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Workout Tips For A Gym Beginner

We loved this quote said by someone, “Being Healthy and fit isn’t a trend or fad; it’s a lifestyle”. If you realise it, you will understand its simple truth. Staying healthy and fit is very important just as important as you exist. Without workouts, our body becomes rigid. Lifestyle defines our health and our conditions in the long run. Who wants to eat a dozen of tabs each day and coughing up too many dollars for a hospital visit? None of us! Then adapting to a healthy lifestyle is the key.

Simple exercises done for 3-4 times per week are enough to keep you active. Like walking, jogging or any other form of workout is good enough to start with. Having someone accountable for your workouts will really help you reach your goal sooner.

If you can’t find one partner, then it's better for you to join any classes outside and keep up your daily dose of the workout. There you will be more energetic and a trainer will be there to monitor your moves. Yoga, Gym, kids martial arts baltimore, Zumba, Pilates and many other fitness centres are there to cater to your fitness needs. Find the one that fascinates you.

Yoga is the ancient form of exercises, which is popular since decades in the Asian continent while Gym was the popular workout form in the western countries. Developing ones are the Zumba and Pilates forms, attracting people with its energetic and happening moves.

Based on the personal interest you can choose one among the many ways to keep yourself moving and fit. But, the most evergreen method is hitting the Gym. People have always loved going to the gym, for working out. It has many advantages over the others. Though gym is the most explored form of staying fit, there are still many people who don’t know the gym basics. Any effort put in the right direction will earn results; else it will result in injury or hurt. Here we are, providing you with some info on the basics of the gym and what should you follow before you hit there.

Fitness must be a Habit, not Hobby:

If you want to see some serious results in your health and body, you must work out each day, without any excuses. Starting off is easy, but keeping it up is the key to success. There is a saying that anything done for a period of 21 days becomes a habit. So, keep your goal for those 21 days, without fail.
Later, once it becomes a habit, you will find it irritating and stressful if you miss your regime. Don’t start the journey just because you need to shed few extra pounds, but keep that regime as your lifestyle. A gift by yourself for you, to stay healthy and active, all through your life! Each person deserves to stay healthy, but realising it and doing things to stay there takes an extra effort.

Have control over your lifts:

“Weight-lifting is the basic exercise in the gym” is the wrong notion that many of the beginners possess! Not really! There is much more than concentrating on weights. Firstly start with weights only under the guidance of an instructor and follow their instructions carefully. Don’t go overboard even though you feel you can, it’s not healthy.
Watch your posture:

Keeping the right posture is very important when you work out, otherwise, you might hurt yourself. Engaging your core is very important, with a weak core it’s not possible to strengthen your spine and do the workout better. A healthy spine is the outcome of a healthy core. Even the basic bicep curl needs to have engaged your core.

Diet is 70%, the rest 30% is your WO:

Working out on one hand and binge eating on the other will never help you see results. Just because you worked out at the gym, you can’t binge on pizza and other savouries. To get the desired results, you must ‘diet’. Diet doesn’t mean unhealthy fad ones but eating everything at the right time and in the right quantities. A wholesome meal with all essential nutrients, fruits, veggies, nuts and other carbs should be balanced well.

Mistakes are a lesson:

Nobody is perfect; it’s always trial and error. So never feel bad if you are making mistakes, but learn from them and move on.

Finishing it right:

Beginners tend to energetically lift up weights more than they can drop and fail at the end while dropping. This can be disastrous if you don’t follow continuity. So, try to be easy and consistent in the weights you pick up, pick only so much that you can drop with no much effort.

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